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Demon-snow-dogsDemon-snow-dogs Demon Background information Feature films Snow Dogs Television programs Video games Park attractions Portrayed by Don Juan or D.J.
Cody (stunt double) Portrayed by Animators Voice James Belushi (in Ted's crazy dream) Performance model Designer Inspiration Honors and awards Character information Full name Other names Personality Grumpy (formerly), ill-mannered (formerly), aggressive (formerly), defiant (formerly), bad-tempered (formerly), strong, good, good-mannered, kind, friendly, and gentle Appearance Black Siberian Husky (sometimes seen wearing sunglasses and a swimming suit in Ted's crazy dream) Birthday Occupation Lucy's pet sled dog champion and lead dog, Ted's (and then, Thunder Jack's) lead dog; later, Ted's pet, Nana's husband, and father to 4 puppies Affiliations Neutral, later; good Goal To get rid of Ted Brooks (formerly), to win the race with Thunder Jack; later, to save Ted and Thunder Jack Home Tolketna, Alaska Relatives Nana (wife), Avalanche, Little Aleutia, Chinook, and Demon Jr. (sons and daughters) Pets Allies Nana, Scooper, Yodel and Sniff, Mack and Diesel, Duchess, Barb, Thunder Jack, and Ted Brooks Minions His dog friends Enemies Ted Brooks (formerly) and Olivier Trajean Likes Racing, slump, dog sledding, Lucy (deceased), Thunder Jack, Ted, Barb, and his family Dislikes Ted and everything about him (formerly), pain in his teeth (formerly), and being tricked by Ted (formerly) Powers and abilities Strength Weapons Teeth and claws Fate Wins last place in the race after saving Ted and Thunder Jack from certain death, reforms after having his bad tooth pulled out by Ted, marries Nana, and becomes a father to 4 puppies. Quote "Ted, my main man, you really stepped in it this time."
"We tried to tell you you didn't belong here."
"Tell me about it." (in Ted's crazy dream)[Source]
Demon is a minor antagonist, later protagonist from Disney's 2002 comedy movie, Snow Dogs. He was voiced by James Belushi in Ted Brooks' crazy dream.

Role in the film
Demon was largely grumpy throughout the film, and had somewhat of a rivalry towards Ted Brooks. Indeed, he usually manages to find some way to humiliate Brooks even if he can't bite or attack him directly: One notable instance was when Demon attempted to attack Brooks, only for him to climb up a tree where Demon can't reach him, resulting in Demon deciding to instead mark the tree Brooks was on as a way of hinting that he now owns the tree. However, it was later revealed that most of his bad mannerisms stemmed from a bad toothache, which eventually led Brooks, when trying to search for his father, James "Thunder Jack" Johnson, when he went missing during the Iditarod, to literally bite Demon in the ear, shocking even Johnson as he "didn't expect anyone to be stupid enough to try it." Afterwards, Demon reverted to his good traits when the bad tooth was removed. Demon eventually repaid the favor when his team nearly went over a cliff by dragging the sled back up single handedly along with his team.

Afterwards, he attended, along with the rest of the dogs, at Ted and Barb's Alaskan wedding and later, had four puppies with Nana.

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