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Travel News Headlines:
Travel Approving Official (AO) e-Newsletters

December 2013; Conference lodging allowance, travel for Reservists, determining per diem entitlement, and more.26 Sep 2013 Immediate Change to JFTR; Accompanying Dependents for Medical Travel15 Jul 2013 Constructed cost of GTR Policy Change, PCS POV Shipment, and more. File in PDF format10 Jul 2013; Hurricane / Evacuation Order Guidance 201324 Jun 2013 Web-TPAX Upgrade, CG-7421 form mandatory for all AOs, and more.04 May 2013 Verifying PCS Order Funds Obligations03 May 2013 Direct Access and Imaging System Outage Scheduled01 May 2013 WEB TPAX PCS Advances12 Apr 2013 PCS Advance Signature Proxy TutorialFile in PDF formatGovernment Travel Charge Card Program Updates and PCS Reminders (ALCGPSC 46/13)Transfer Season 2013 Household Goods (HHG) Shipping Information (ALCOAST 132/13)Personally Procured Household Goods Movement (PPM) Guidance (ALCOAST 94/13)05 Feb 2013 Coast Guard Supplement to the JFTR29 Jan 2013 WEB TPAX PCS Advances02 Jan 2013 PCS Advances, 2013 Mileage Rates and Reserve Contingency Orders26 Oct 2012 Hurricane/Evacuation GuidanceExample Dependent Evacuation Travel Order (PDF)Example Dependent Evacuation Travel Claim (PDF)PCS Mileage (MALT) and TDY Mileage Rates
Effective 1 January 2014, the MALT (monetary allowance in lieu of transportation) rate per authorized POC (privately owned conveyance) is $0.235 (twenty three and one half cents) per mile. This rate is effective for all PCS travel that commences on or after 1 January 2014 (i.e., the initial travel is started).

TDY mileage rates changed on 01 January 2014. The new TDY rates are:
POC:$0.56 - Automobile (if no GOV is available)$0.235 - POC use instead of a government furnished vehicle (if a GOV is available) when use of a government furnished vehicle is to the government's advantage.$0.53 - Motorcycle$1.31 - Airplane
Current and previous PCS & TDY mileage rates are posted at http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/otherratesMile.cfm.
Web-TPAX System Upgrade
Web-TPAX was upgraded to version 6.19 the weekend of 12-14 July 2013. A few of the changes/enhancements are: Customer Service Representative 2 (with limited access), Unit Command Report Permissions, Single use of Travel Order Numbers (TONOs), Travel Advance Travel Voucher Summary Standard Remarks.

Please review the list of system enhancements and changes included in Web-TPAX Ver. 6.19 by accessing the change log below:
Web-TPAX What's New in Version 6.19 file in pdf formatVerifying PCS Order Funds Obligations
Per the Web-TPAX Advance Signature Proxy (ASP) Tutorial,the ASP must verify that funds have been obligated prior to requesting and advance. To speed the process of receiving authorization for approving PCS advances when the FINCEN Query by Document (CGWEB Link) shows the TONO does not exist or funds are not obligated, send an e-mail inquiry to Ms. Shannon Dorsey at DCMS, Shannon.t.dorsey@uscg.mil.Include in the email the member's name, EMPLID, PCS TONO, DA status of orders and date of status. (Note: It takes about 10 days for the obligation to take place after the SPO places the order in a ready status.)

Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Bulletin
Transfer season is right around the corner!Now is a good time for some reminders on the proper use of the JPMC Govt Travel Card:

February 2013 GTCC BULLETIN pdf
Guidance for Passports
The Passport and Visa Division is located at Coast Guard Headquarters, in the Office of International Affairs and Foreign Policy (CG-DCO-I).

For all passport and visa inquiries, please email the passport division staff members at: uscgpassports@uscg.mil.

OFFICIAL PASSPORT AND VISA RESOURCESOfficial passport and visa regulations and procedures can be found in Chapter 9 of COMDTINST M5710.5, Foreign Affairs Policy Manual (FAPM).
Comprehensive, one-stop shopping for passport and visa information can be found at the DCO-I Passport and Visa CGPortal Page.

Ensure that all members who are PCS-ing to a new unit retain their official passport, and either keep it on their person or forwarded along with their PDR.

Do not return official passports to DCO-I unless the member is separating from the service for any reason (Relad, Discharge, Unqualified Resignation, Temp Sep, etc).

All newly issued passports, and any passport movement shall be entered into Direct Access.

CG-DCO-I holds 2 Passport Acceptance Agent Trainings per year at USCG Headquarters in Washington DC and is funded by the member's unit.If interested in attending, please send an email to: uscgpassports@uscg.mil or visit the DCO-I Passport and Visa CGPortal Page.
Updated - FY 2014 Coast Guard Reduced Per Diem Rates
Per Joint Federal Travel Regulations, paragraph U4177, the service may authorize per diem rates in lesser amounts when the circumstances of the travel or duty to be performed so warrant.

As of 27 September, the following localities have been authorized reduced/zero per diem.

Fifth District:
CG LocationCityState M&IE
RED RATEEffective
DateSTA (small) Roosevelt InletLewesDelaware$0.00 01OCT13STA (small) StillpondWortonMaryland$0.00 01OCT13STA (small) Shark RiverAvon By The SeaNew Jersey$0.00 01OCT13STA (small) Beach HavenBeach HavenNew Jersey$0.00 01OCT13STA (small) FortesqueFortesqueNew Jersey$0.00 01OCT132STA (small) Great EggOcean CityNew Jersey$0.00 01OCT13STA (small) Salem RiverSalem New Jersey$0.00 01OCT13STA (small) Townsend InletTownsend InletNew Jersey$0.00 01OCT13STA (small) OcracokeOcracokeNorth Carolina$0.00 01OCT13NCRADFWashingtonDistrict of Columbia$57.25 01OCT13
Seventh District
CG LocationCityStateM&IE
Red RateEffective
DateAir Facility CharlestonCharlestonSouth Carolina$26.0001OCT13Sector San JuanFajardoPuerto Rico$20.0001OCT13Sector San JuanBoqueronPuerto Rico$20.0001OCT13
Ninth District and Operation Summer Stock Locations:
CG LocationCityState M&IE
RED RATEEffective
DateCG Air Facility MuskegonMuskegonMI$32.0001OCT13Dual Lodging Approvals Reduced from 14 to 7 days
The maximum number of days the AO may authorize/approve dual lodging is reduced, effective 01 October 2012, from 14 to 7 days. Dual lodging over 7 days is authorized/approved by the Secretarial Process. Send requests to COMDT (CG-1222).

These changes are scheduled to appear in JFTR change 310, and JTR change 564, dated 1 October 2012.
Per Diem for Orders in Support of a Contingency Operation (Title 10)
Published Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 11:00:16 CDT

There have been a significant number of reserve component (RC) members under orders in Support of a Contingency Operation (Title 10) erroneously authorized per diem when performing active duty at a location within the local area of their primary residence/home.This has resulted in enormous debts, with some exceeding over $100,000.When an RC member is called/ordered to active duty order under a designated contingency operation, the following guidance will be used to determine the entitlement to per diem . . . Continue reading "Per Diem for Orders in Support of a Contingency Operation (Title 10)" File in PDF format
Update to OCONUS PCS Entry Approval Points
CG Base Honolulu was established on 11 January 2012. CG Base Honolulu replaces "PSSU Honolulu" as the Entry Approval Point for "All other Hawaii Units / American Samoa" as listed in Exhibit 1.H.3. of Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8(series). Please use the PLAD "COGARD BASE HONOLULU HI" for entry approval messages.

Web-Based TPAX
Web TPAX is Common Access Card (CAC) enabled allowing travelers to auto login once their CAC card is linked to their Logon ID.This eliminates the need for logon passwords although secondary passwords will remain for orders/claim document approval.Procedures for establishing CAC access as well as general Web TPAX information can be found the slide show linked below. As noted in ALCOAST 565/11, travelers can also log into Web TPAX with their user ID and password by pressing the "Escape" key when the option to choose a digital certificate is presented. Detailed instructions for using the system are available in the context sensitive help file, which can be accessed by clicking the "Help" button once logged into the application.
Web TPAX Logon Procedure for Current TPAX Users
(1st Web TPAX Logon Procedure)PDF(PDF)

Tutorial -- Covers the following topics:First-Time Users (Basic Log In and Profile)Inbox FunctionalityAuthorizations, Advances & SettlementsProxies and Unit RepresentativesSplit DisbursementWeb TPAX Tutorial PowerPoint (PowerPoint)

Web TPAX Tutorial PDF (PDF)

More Web-TPAX Tutorials & Training

Web TPAX Online Help/Manual
New Address for Web T-PAX Following Upgrade
The Web-based version T-PAX is back online. The new address is https://ppcms-tpaxwb.main.ads.uscg.mil/.

Here is a list of enhancements and changes made in connection with this upgrade.

Make sure you do NOT select your e-mail certificate on login.
Common Access Card Certificate Selection Box

Lost Receipts or Original Orders? (Updated 29 Aug 11)
The following statements must accompany any claim (including audit requests) that does not include required receipts or original orders:
Statement for Lost or Missing Lodging ReceiptsAdobe Acrobat RequiredProperty Rental Receipt:When the property owner does not provide the tenant a proper itemized receipt, they may use this one -- http://www.uscg.mil/ppc/travel/PropertyRentalReceipt.pdfAdobe Acrobat Required.Statement for Lost or Missing Receipts (other than lodging)Adobe Acrobat RequiredStatement for Lost or Missing Original OrdersAdobe Acrobat Required
The statements must be completed by the traveler and signed IN BLUE INK by both the traveler and the Approving Official (AO).
How to calculate "Cost of GTR"
Constructive Cost of GTR worksheetMS Excel Spreadsheet (Revised 19 July 2013)
When a member is authorized to travel on TDY using a Privately Owned Conveyance (POC) not to exceed (NTE) the cost of government procured transportation/GTR, the orders must state: "POC travel NTE the constructed cost of the GTR $XXX.XX;" with the actual dollar amount replacing the "X's". To calculate this amount, you must add together:
the government airfare rate (You can lookup the contract carrier "city pair rates" at http://apps.fas.gsa.gov/citypairs/search/)any taxi fares and tips that would be appropriate to and from the airport and/or lodgingaccommodations, mileage, parking and tolls that would be appropriate to and from theairport,airfare service/booking (SATO) fees,75% of the M&IE per diem for two travel days (Do not add the per diem if using TPAX to file your claim, TPAX will auto inject the 75%)and the cost for a rental vehicle if one would had been authorized.
Recent change to JFTR: Constructed cost of GTR IAW JFTR change 320 dated8/1/2013 - UTD/CTD for MAP 069-13(E)/CAP 061-13(E) - ConstructedTransportation Costs effective 26 June 2013:GSA indicated that theconstructed transportation cost for a traveler authorized a specifictransportation mode is limited to ONLY the cost of the transportation (FTR301-10.309).This would exclude any 'anticipated' costs in the computationwhen an alternate mode of transportation is used by the traveler.Theconstructed cost of GTR is calculated based on the POLICY CONSTRUCTEDAIRFARE (city pairs) plus the associated service fee. No other costs areadded to the computation. This change specifically removes U3050.E.3 of"Constructed reimbursement for taxicab fares, plus tip or public transitsystem fares, must not exceed the amount that would have been incurred bythe authorized transportation mode.4.Per diem is limited to the amountthat would have been paid for travel by the authorized transportation mode.

Travel Audit Package Tutorial
Tutorial: Travel Audit Package Submissionspowerpoint

Travel Approving Official (AO) Online Training
The Travel Approving Official Training Course describes the responsibility and liability assumed when becoming a Travel Approving Official (AO). Upon completion of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge base requirements, responsibilities, and liabilities associated with performing Travel Approving Official duties. The estimated time to complete the course is approximately one and one-half hours.
Travel Approving Official Training Course flash(Flash)
Completion AO Training Course is not a prerequisite for AO designation.

Processing Personally Procured Move (PPM) Claims
The Coast Guard Finance Center (FINCEN) process claims for Processing Personally Procured Moves. According to the FINCEN, approximately 24% of all initial PPM claims received must be returned to the member due to lack of required documentation. See ALCOAST 494/10 for tips to help expedite your PPM claim. FINCEN also has the Processing Personally Procured Move Checklist available to help ensure you complete all the requirements that are necessary to process your claim.
Travel Voucher Summaries and Individual Audit Status Reports
The Travel Voucher Summary and TPAX Audit Request Status reports hosted on the FINCEN Internet and Intranet web sites were offline due to technical problems. We resolved the issues and access has been restored.
TPAX Individual Audit Request Status InquiryTravel Voucher Summaries (TVS)Split Disbursement in TPAX
Web TPAX Procedures:
How to process a travel claimwith Split Disbursement enabled (Power Point) (Select Split Disbursement on the contents)How to process a travel claimwith Split Disbursement enabled (PDF)
You should verify your GTCC information in Direct-Access before usingthe Split Disbursement function in TPAX.
Procedure for Accessing GTCCData in Direct Access Self-Service
Please Use the Current Version of the Travel Voucher Form (DD-1351/2)
Multiple versions of the DD-1351-2 are being used, even dating back 4 versions or more. Please note that the current version of the DD-1351-2 is March 2008 which requires both the AO's printed name and signature. All previous versions are considered to be obsolete and should not be used. The current form can be found in the list of Forms/Worksheets on this web page or at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/infomgt/forms/eforms/dd1351-2.pdf.
Directing Travel Claim Payment to an Account Other Than Regular Pay Account
The Web TPAX payment method defaults to electronic funds transfer (EFT).Travel claim payments due the member will be disbursed by the Coast Guard Finance Center (FINCEN) into the member's pay direct deposit account.If the member desires to change the designated account for their travel payments (separate from the pay account), they may submit an EFT/ACH Member Payment Enrollment Form (FastStart) to the Coast Guard Finance Center.

Multiple Advances Against the Same TONOThe travel software system is not set up to do supplemental advance requests against the same exact travel dates. Please follow the below guidance when submitting SF-1038 (request for advance) in paper format or through the T PAX system. More...
Audit Status and Reports
Tutorial: Travel Audit Package Submissionspowerpoint

See PPC Message 271442ZJUL06, Subj: TPAX TDY Travel Claim Audit Requests for more information. Also see PPC AIG 11939 Message R301416Z OCT 06; Travel Claim Audit Requests, which provides additional information on audit request policy and procedures.

TPAX Audit Request Status for Individuals

This application allows viewing of TPAX Audit Request Status. Audit data contained in the system is maintained for 60 days after the COMPLETE date. Important Note: Only data from requests made on or after May 1, 2006 is available.

The address is https://www.fincen.uscg.mil/TVS_Aux2/.

Also see pages 2-B-16 through 2-B-20 of the Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2AAdobe Acrobat Required, for records maintenance instructions and audit policies and procedures.

PPC AIG 11939 Message R301416Z OCT 06; Travel Claim Audit Requests, provides additional information on audit request policy and procedures

Also see pages 2-B-16 through 2-B-20 of the Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2A, for records maintenance instructions and audit policies and procedures.Adobe Acrobat Required

Unit Travel Claim Audit Reports
TPAX audit reports are now available online at PPC's intranet (CGWEB) site. The address is http://cgweb.ppc.uscg.mil/travel/audits/default.asp.
Travel Payment Status:
Did you know FINCEN disburses travel claim payments for PPC?

Note: If you traveled under Aircraft Repair and Supply Center (ARSC) travel/training orders funded by AFC-41 and/or AC&I funds, please contact the ARSC Personnel Resources Division (PRD) Travel Administrator for assistance in determining the status of your claim.

With the FINCEN toll free number, your travel paymentstatus can be obtained by simply entering your SSN. You'll receivethe payment status of your last five travel claims.



Travel Payment Inquiries Available Online:

Users may query the Finance Center Database for payment information on their Travel Claims. All matching travel payments will be returned.

Query by 9 digit Social Security Number and Last Name. Do not include spaces or hyphens (-) in the Social Security Number, example "123456789".

Note: All records matching the Social Security Number and Last Name will be retrieved. Payment information is updated daily.

Travel Voucher Summaries:
This application allows viewing of Claim Status/Travel Voucher Summaries (Payment Details). Claim data contained in this system is maintained for 90 days.

Travel Voucher Summaries (TVS)
ClaimsMailing Address
Mail Claims To:

Commanding Officer (TVL)
Pay & Personnel Center
Topeka, KS 66683-3591

The mailing address for sending claimsfor TPAX(UTS) audits is:

Commanding Officer (TVL/TPAX Audits)
U. S. Coast Guard
Pay & Personnel Center
PO Box 3551
Topeka, KS 66601

Note: Use the Clams Mailing Address (444 SE Quincy St,Topeka, KS 66683-3591) above for services (DHL, FEDEX, etc.) requiring a physical address.

The Audit Travel Claim package will consist of:
Copy of signed orders (authorization).Copy of all signed amendments.Copy of travel claim (DD-1351-2 electronically signed).Copy of itemized receipt(s) for all hotel/motel lodging that reflects all occupants and single daily lodging rate (Express Check-out receipts are not acceptable).Copy of signed Long-Term or month to month lease agreement(s)Copy of signed monthly rental receipt (proof of payment includes but is not limited to copy of money order or front and back of cancelled check)Copy of airfare itinerary(s) (must reflect cost of airfare) and excess baggage receipts.Copy of transportation receipts (including Rental Car receipts; estimated receipts are not acceptable).Copy of receipts for all reimbursable expenses of $75 or more.
Note: Credit card statements are not authorized to be used as a receipt.

If the traveler is audited on multiple claims, a complete individual audit package is required for each claim requested for audit.Multiple audit packages may be sent in the same envelope to PPC Travel-Audit however each claim package must be separated by placing each audit in their own individual package that distinguishes them apart from each other.Incomplete/improperly prepared packages will be returned to the member to be separated into the individual audit packages.Additionally, Please send only copies of the required documents.

Also see pages 2-B-16 through 2-B-20 of the Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2A (PDF), for records maintenance instructions and audit policies and procedures.

Note: If you traveled under Aircraft Repair and Supply Center (ARSC) travel/training orders funded by AFC-41 and/or AC&I funds, please contact the ARSC Personnel Resources Division (PRD) Travel Administrator for assistance in determining the status of your claim.


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